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Electric vehicles have become very popular among many drivers today. More and more people have electric cars in their garage as we close out 2020 and look towards 2021. These types of vehicles are famous for their efficiency and eco-friendliness, as well as some scandals and questions. Some people are wondering if they can junk an electric vehicle. We are going to discuss some important things about this type of vehicle and if you can get rid of one just like any other car.

Junking an Electric Car

Is It Possible to Junk Your Electric Car?

The answer is yes! Our company, Junk Cars New England, is always ready to help you sell any of your electric vehicles at any time you want. We are ready to pay you on the spot for any type of electric vehicle you may own. There are many reasons why you may want to sell your electric car to us. For these reasons, our company will be much better than our competitors in the same industry. Contact us to inquire about our procedure for selling your electric vehicle.

Why Should You Sell Your Electric Car to Us?

When you sell your junk electric car to us, you will never have to worry about causing any damages to the environment. We have a lot of expertise when it comes to recycling any type of electric vehicle from our clients. We always adhere to the latest regulations and laws in New England and the country. These regulations are made to ensure that the car scrapping process will never cause any damages to the environment. If you care about the environment, you can sell your electric vehicle to us.

One of the most important parts of the electric car is the battery. This battery must be removed and monitored very carefully, so it will never leak dangerous and harmful substances to the environment. These old batteries will be reprocessed in place of new ones, so they can be used in any other vehicle. This partnership is very potential to reduce waste that we are going to have to the environment. We will never put any dead batteries in the environment without proper handling procedures.

We also work with some companies that can provide services, such as battery refurbishing for EVs, battery reuse, and some other services. These services also involve a tuning operation for the electric car battery. We will work with these companies, so we can sell the old or dead batteries to them. These companies also have a high commitment to working for maintaining the sustainability of the environment. They will take care of your battery from your electric vehicle with the right procedure. The battery of the electric vehicle should be processed correctly, so it will never cause any other problems in the future.

The other parts of the electric vehicles, such as oil sump, carburetor, engine, motors, pistons, pumps, etc don’t have any problems with the recycling process. We follow all rules and regulations from the government during the recycling process of these parts. All of these parts will be recycled after we take care of the battery from your vehicle. This is another good reason why JCNE can be a perfect place for you who want to get instant money by selling your old electric car.

Easy Procedure to Sell Your Junk Car to Us

After you are ready to sell your junk car, you can always call us at any time you want. Junk Cars New England is always ready to pay you on the spot for any of your junk cars. You only need to submit a form on our website before we can estimate your car value. In a matter of minutes (during business hours), we are going to send you our valuation. You can either accept or reject our offer. Once you approve our offer, we will come to your place for picking up your vehicle. Our fast procedure is the best benefit that we can offer for our clients in the New England area. You will always get the best and fastest service when you want to sell your electric vehicle to us.