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Jeep is an American staple. With several recognizable models, for example, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and Wrangler, thousands of American’s purchase a Jeep every week. You may be one of these car owners who love driving your Jeep daily however, you have to be careful with some mechanical issues that may occur in these cars. Some of these common issues may be particular for certain Jeep models.

Jeep Breakdowns - Junk Cars New England

1. Exhaust leaks

This is one of the most common problems that may occur on any Jeep model. Certain Jeep engines have a bad habit of developing exhaust leaks. The exhaust system will develop cracks after it heats up and cools down for several cycles. When your exhaust is leaking, you may hear a ticking sound from underneath the hood. This situation will reduce fuel mileage and efficiency very rapidly. Many experts recommend the replacement of this part when this your exhaust is leaking.

2. Clogged fuel injectors

Many Jeep models build up some deposits on the fuel injectors. As the result, these deposits will disrupt the flow of fuel and overall efficiency. This situation can cause rough idling, stumbling engine, and also misfires. Some Jeep owners use fuel additives that can be used to clean the injectors when running their engines. These fuel additives are very effective to remove any unwanted materials from the injectors. If this solution doesn’t help, you can consider replacing the injectors from your car.

3. Failing throttle position sensor

Some Jeep models, such as Cherokees from 1990 to 2002, and also the Wranglers from 1990, have this problem. When the throttle body gets clogged up with some residues, it will prevent the sensor from working correctly. As the result, it will affect the engine runs, fuel-air ratio, and also lead to the hard starting. When this situation happens, you can simply take off the throttle body and clean it with throttle cleaner with a paper towel. Cleaning the throttle body frequently can help you prevent this broken sensor from this throttle system in your Jeep.

4. Water leaks and wind noise from the outside

Both Wrangler and Cherokee Jeeps have water leaks and wind noise problems. Both problems can be caused due to a failed door or window seals. The seals will wear out, get out of place, and loosen up when the time passes. The only solution for this leaky seal problem is to replace it. After you replace the window and door seals with the new ones, you will be able to reduce water leaks and wind noises when you are driving.

5. Broken transfer case

The transfer case is an important part of your Jeep. It can be used to help you shift your Jeep between the 2WD and 4WD modes. This part has a gear system with grease that can keep the gear working smoothly. However, in some cases, the seals on this system breaks down. It will cause the grease to leak out from the system. When the transfer case is leaking badly, you may want to consider removing it as soon as possible. There are some complicated procedures that you need to do for replacing this transfer case in your Jeep.

6. Fuel overflow

Some Jeep owners report problems with fuel overflow when they fill up their fuel tank. This problem occurs in many Jeep models, such as Wranglers (2005 – 2012), Liberties (2005 – 2011), and some other models. The pump will keep pumping out the gas until it will spill out to the filler neck. It is a minor problem that may occur in everyone’s life, but it may cause some problems in the car, for example, faded paint issues on the car body.

There are some other problems or breakdowns that may occur in your Jeep. When you’ve had enough of your clunker and are ready for an upgrade you can sell that car to! Fill out our fast form on our homepage today!