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2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

The auto recycling industry is pretty large in the United States. This industry is contributing up to $25 billion per year according to the national GDP. Every year, about 95% of the retired vehicles in the United States are recycled or demolished.

If you have an old car, you can always find the best junk car buyer for scrapping your car. In this article, we are going to learn about how junk car service usually does for demolishing or recycling cars. Some steps are usually done for recycling any old cars that are available on the road today.

The car will be inspected

When you send your car to the junkyard or recycling facility, you are going to have this first step before your car is demolished. The facility will inspect your old car, so it can help you find some valuable assets that you may have.

You have a good chance of deciding if you can repair your car or not. If the repairing process looks unprofitable for you, you can consider recycling or dismantling your old car. More than 90% of the cars in the junkyard are going to be recycled or dismantled rather than repaired.

Draining remaining fluids and removing any valuable parts

This is another step that is done before your car is demolished. The car recycling facility is going to drain any different fluids from your car, including brake lubricants, transmission oil, gas, antifreeze solution, and any other fluids.

The operators are going to segregate the hazardous liquids and remove them safely. You can also have a chance of removing any valuable parts of your car. It is a good idea for you to dismantle all spare parts from your old car. You can resell these parts to any potential buyers in the future. You can get additional income by selling these parts to your buyers.

The valuable parts will be sold to other parties or recycled

Some parts of your old car can be reusable in the future. They can be used to repair any other cars. Some other parts can also be offered to other auto-part manufacturers. You can ask for help from your favorite car recycling facility. This place can help you sell any of these unused parts from your car. Someone else will need any of your unused parts from your car.

You also need to know that there are some non-salable parts of your car. You cannot sell some of these parts because they lose their function after being removed from your car. Therefore, most auto recyclers are going to choose to recycle certain auto parts, instead of reselling them. These non-salable car parts may include, mercury-based switches, airbag cartridges, catalytic converters, lead parts, etc.

Your car frame is shredded

This is another step of demolishing your car. Most car recyclers are going to use a machine for demolishing the car frames and any other recyclable metal. This shredding machine will reduce the size of your car frame. It will convert your car frame into small pieces of metal. Therefore, the metal can be recycled easily.

This recycled metal can be used for creating new car frames or other new auto parts. There are a lot of other applications that can use this recycled metal in the process. You can see many industries that are using this recycled metal, for example, sheet metal, parts of the residential appliances, steel construction, and also can industry. The metal from your old car can be re-used for any other purposes in many different industries.

During this shredding process, some metals (such as iron and steel) are usually stored or sorted out. Both metals are very useful to be re-used in any other purpose, so they will never be demolished in this process. Some other metals will be crushed and shredded to the flat metal chunk before they are sold to other parties.

When you want to demolish or scrap your old car, you need to contact the best auto recyclers around you. They can give the best offer for you, so you can get maximum benefits by scraping your old car. You can also get some additional money by selling some unused parts of your old car before you demolish or scrap your car.

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