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When you are planning to sell your junk car, you can always take a look at our company, Junk Cars New England, for the best offers in Connecticut. We are ready to buy your junk car at a high price and have the best algorithm for giving you an accurate quote. If you are planning to get the most for your junk car, you should reach out to one of our junk vehicle specialists today.

There are some important factors that we are going to consider, by looking at these factors, you may be able to estimate your car value by yourself.

Calculating Your Junk Car Quote

How Can We Come Up with an Offer for Your Junk Car?

a. Check the historical data

This is the first factor that we are going to consider, especially when we are estimating your car value. We will check the historical data from the previous years. This historical data will talk about the typical prices of many different types of vehicles. We are going to look at this data before we estimate your car value so that we stay competitive with the other yards in your area. By looking at this factor, you will get a good idea of the price we will offer for your junk car. Your car valuation will never be too far from the market value.

b. Look at the recent trends

We also have some buyers who are ready to buy any parts of junk cars. Therefore, we always want to look at recent trends. Some popular parts of the junk cars will have a high valuation. If your junk car has any of these popular parts, we are ready to pay you more cash for buying your junker. We will always analyze the demand and fair value from any parts from many different part buyers that are available around us.

c. Find the national metal prices

You need to understand that national metal prices are going to fluctuate every day and this directly affects your car’s value. All of these scrapped metals from your junk car may have a different valuation from day to day which leaves us with a lot of number crunching to do. When you submit your order form, we are going to check the national price of some metals before we decide to give a fair valuation for your car. This means that you will always get the best and most updated price for any metals from your clunker.

d. Check your car condition

This is another way we here at JCNE will come up with an offer for your junk car. After you submit your form on our website, we are going to send our professional tow truck driver to your place for pick up and payment. They have a lot of experience and expertise in this junk car industry. They know how to give the best value for your junk car. When they come to your place, they will check your car condition for valuating any parts of your junk car accurately. If your car is in better shape than you think, we may write you a check for more on the spot!

Sell Your Junk Car to Us Today

We will try our best to give a fair valuation for your junk car. When you compare our offer with the offers from our competitors, you will find out that our offer is usually $25-50 higher than the rest. Our buying process doesn’t take too much of your time and our tow truck drivers are the friendliest in the industry.

After we get your approval from our online offer, we are going to schedule the right time for picking up your car. You don’t even need to leave your home when selling your junk car as our process is COVID friendly. We will come to your place and pay you immediately. Selling your junk car to us at JCNE doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult for you. You will always get the best price for any of your junk cars at any time.