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BMW is one of the most popular best-selling premium cars in the history of automobiles. This brand has been in the car industry since 1917. You can find a lot of BMW car models that are available on the market nowadays from the 3 series to 7 and everything in between. Different models may have their benefits or disadvantages for all users including size and technology. However, these premium cars may have some flaws and drawbacks. There are some common breakdowns or failure issues that may occur in many BMW cars. You should be aware of any of these issues, especially if you have a BMW in your garage. By knowing these issues, you can be prepared for any potential problems with your vehicle.

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1. Faulty coolant system

This is one of the most common issues that may occur in many BMW’s. The coolant system is an important part of your car because it will keep the engine at the most optimum temperature. It will prevent your car from being overheated. However, the coolant systems in many BMW vehicles tend to fail frequently. Many people claim that they have this faulty coolant system problem when they reach about 80,000 – 120,000 miles on their cars.

2. Electric windows cannot shut

This is another common problem in some BMW’s. The electric window system in the car breaks down frequently. When this situation occurs, it will cause the windows to stay open. This problem can cause security issues in many BMW cars today. When you cannot close the windows from your car, you will face threats from thieves and any other unknown people or weather around you.

3. Leaky oil filter gasket

The gasket will connect the oil filter with the BMW engine. It plays an important role in your car. However, this is another weak spot notorious in many BMW models. This gasket frequently ends up with leaking problems. As the result, there will be less oil in the engine. This situation will increase wear and tear on your vehicle. This situation can also lead to other mechanical problems that may occur in your car. When this problem is left untreated, it will cause the gasket to become brittle over time. When the damage is too much, you need to replace this gasket immediately.

4. Problems on the door handles

Many BMW owners report any problems that are associated with the door handles. The door handles may have issues with the locking mechanism, especially the one within the door itself. It can be challenging for them to replace or repair this system alone. Repairing all door handles on both passenger and driver sides can take a lot of time, effort, and eventually money.

5. Broken fuel pump

Some popular BMW car models have some issues with the high-pressure fuel pump. When this situation occurs, your car will have poor acceleration, failure engine, and also engine stuttering at the high-speed movement. This problem will reduce the overall performance of your BMW car significantly.

6. Corrosion on the alloy wheels

The BMW is very well-known for its branded alloy wheels. These are the most stylish aspects of BMW cars. They are going to differentiate this brand from the other brands on the market. However, some BMW car owners claim that they find some corrosion problems on their alloy wheels. These alloys are going to corrode after being used for a short time. The corrosion may affect the performance of the car significantly. When this situation is left untreated, it will affect both the tires and the wheels in the long run.

7. Failure at the automatic headlights

All of the newest BMW cars have automatic headlights as their innovative technology. When the environment becomes dark, the engine will turn on the headlights automatically. The problem with these headlights is that they may stay on when they are not required. As the result, it will cause your car to run out of the battery. It may be difficult for you to notice this problem, especially when you drive on sunny days. The headlights may not be noticeable when you drive your car.

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