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Are you looking for a good junkyard in Massachusetts? You may want to check some available companies, so you can check their reputation, capacities, and the valuation for your car. When you want the most money though, you should call us here at Junk Cars New England.

You will get instant cash by selling your junk or old car to these yards while others provide a check. Here are some recommended junkyards that have a good reputation among many customers in the state.

Junk a Car in Massachusetts

1. Cash Auto Salvage

When you are planning to sell your junk car, you can visit its official website. On this website, you can get an instant online offer from them. They are ready to give you a free quote without any obligations to sell your car to them. You will get instant cash when the car is picked up.

2. A Fresh Start Moving LLC

This junkyard is located in Massachusetts. If you want to sell your old or junk car, you can contact them on their website. Its official website is Once you approve the quotation given by this company, you can ask them for picking up your car for free.

3. DS Recycling Services

One of the most popular junk car removal services in Massachusetts is DS Recycling Services. You can visit its website at They are available every day from 8 am to 7 pm. All employees and staff members are trained well, so they can pick up your car quickly.

4. Small Haul

When you are planning to sell your junk car, you can contact Small Haul now. The latest feature offered by this company is the virtual estimates. You can start all of the procedures from your home. You only need to fill out all forms required to get an instant quotation for your junk car. It is located in South Boston, MA.

5. Tom’s Auto Body

This is a family-owned junk car removal service that is located in Ashland, MA. You can contact them first before you sell your car to them. They are available from Monday to Saturday. They will sell any spare parts from your car to their customers. Therefore, they are ready to offer a high price for your junk car.

6. One Call Junk Haul at Boston

This is another good resource that you can visit, especially when you want to sell your junk car. When you visit their website at, you can get an instant quote for your car. You can take pictures of your car that you want to remove. You can book an appointment, so they can pick up your car immediately.

7. Junk King Boston

Many people leave good reviews about this junkyard. When you visit their website, you can ask for an instant quote for your junk car. When you agree to their offers, they will come to your place to pick up your junk car.

8. Talewsky’s J and A Used Auto Parts

This is one of the most popular auto parts in Somerville, Massachusetts. They will buy any parts from your junk car at any time you want. The entire car selling process is very convenient for you. You can get a quote via your email.

9. Salisbury Auto Salvage

You can visit their official website at On this website, you can fill in all the details from your car, including your car make, model, trim, and year. Their staff members are ready to help you accommodate your needs. They will pay you in cash immediately after they pick up your car from your place.

The Most Paid for Junk Cars in Massachusetts

As always, make sure you have your car’s title if the vehicle is less than 20 years old. Once you have all of your documents you will receive a junk receipt which you can use as proof of disposal of the vehicle when you go to file your taxes in the coming year.

For the most paid for any junk car in the state of Massachusetts, fill out our form and contact Junk Cars New England today!