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A junk receipt is a paper that is given to you when a junk car buyer purchases your car, usually by the tow truck driver. This document is typically issued by the Connecticut or state DMV office as an ownership certificate for the junk vehicle. It will become the ownership document when you surrender the proof of ownership for your vehicle and request junk status for your vehicle. You need to keep this receipt as proof that you have already sold your junk car to your junk car buyer. You may need to show this document in the future.

junk car receipt

Motor Vehicle Removal

All registered motor vehicle taxes may be removed or prorated when you meet certain conditions. It is important to know all of these conditions, so you can stay away from any other problems in the future. When you meet any of these criteria, you eliminate the need to paying the motor vehicle tax in your state.

Step by Step on Selling Your Junk Car

a. Find a licensed salvage car dealer in Connecticut

When you look around you, you will be able to find some popular licensed salvage car services in Connecticut. Their licenses will ensure that they have good quality and service for all clients because they are going to work based on the best standards from the state of Connecticut. Don’t forget to check the reputation of these companies, reputable companies usually know how to offer the best service and will keep a copy of your receipt on file..

b. Get a quote for your junk car

Call around and get a quote, we promise we pay the most. Even though your car is no longer running, some salvage yards are still willing to buy your junk car due to your vehicle’s parts. The value of your car will depend on many factors like, your car brands, car models, and all available parts in your vehicle. The more complete the parts you have in your vehicle, the better quote you are going to get from your junk car buyers.

c. Get paid for your car

Once you agree with the price offered by the dealers, you can make a deal (again, we pay the most). You will receive the money that you agree to for the price of your salvage car. It is always recommended for you to negotiate your deal before they come to your place to pick up your vehicle. Some dealers are going to pay you in cash, while some other dealers will pay you with a check. You should also discuss with them how they are going to pick up your junk car. Some of them will offer free pick up for your junk car.

d. Notify the DMV when you sell the vehicle

You are also required to notify the DMV that you have already donated, traded, or sold your vehicle. This process can be done from your home via its online application. The customer representatives from the DMV are ready to answer any of your questions.

The whole process doesn’t take too much of your time. After you report to the DMV, you are going to get a junk receipt from their office. You need to keep this receipt with you as proof that you have already sold your junk car.

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