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Frequently asked Questions


What is Junk Cars New England?

Junk Cars New England is a quick an easy way for you to sell your car and have it picked up with no extra cost to you!


We will buy any commercially sized vehicle, meaning cars, trucks and SUV’s. The more complete the vehicle is, the more we offer. We do not, however, accept larger vehicles like RV’s and 18 Wheelers. It is important that the vehicles which we accept are of a proper size so they will fit in our compactor and metal shredder. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
You’ll actually profit from selling your car to us. You’ll make the most money if your car is complete. Receive anywhere from $100-$500+ for your old vehicle. Clear your driveway or garage or make a quick buck off of an old toy. Use our simple offer form to get a fast and free quote from a real New Englander!
Currently we offer junk car removal in all areas of Connecticut. Since our initial launch as, most of our client base resides there and that’s where we focus much of our efforts. However, we are in the process of expanding to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine.
You’ll get paid on the spot the day of pick-up. Our driver will inspect the vehicle to judge it’s condition based off of the frame of the car, the tires, the engine and other key parts. Then you will provide the vehicle’s title, grab the keys, and we’ll hand over your check. Nice ‘n easy.
Once you accept your offer it will be taken to a scrapyard to determine it’s next chapter. Depending on your vehicles condition, it will either be salvaged, sold to a buyer, or placed into an auction. There are many different types of businesses in our buyer network like dealerships, junk yards, auto recyclers, wrecking yards, scrap yards, you name it. We are required by law, and fully licensed to recycle all vehicles we scrap.
Our offer is determined by many factors. We get our pricing based off averages of junk car buyers across the nation. We are able to determine value based on condition, title ownership, location, and mileage.  It’s thanks to this data that we can confidently say we’re offering you the best deal on the market, since we always offer above the vehicle’s average price. 
You certainly will! As soon as you’ve been paid, your clunker has been picked up and cataloged you will receive a confirmation email. This email will serve as your confirmation or junk receipt. If for some reason you misplace it or delete the email, don’t hesitate to call. Our staff will be happy to look through our records and locate it for you!
Absolutely, even if your car is just the skeletal shell it still holds value. We see all shapes, sizes and conditions of vehicles every single day. The majority of vehicles we see are brought to us because they have been in an accident so bad that the care is deemed irreparable. It is important to mention that the more intact the vehicle is, the higher your offer will be. 
Of course you can! In fact we encourage you to, or if you have friends or neighbors looking to junk a car, refer them to us as well! We are more than willing to negotiate better offers based on the amount of vehicles you have to sell. We once picked up 10 cars from a single individual! 
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What Do We Offer?


We pick up vehicles for you. When the car is picked up by us there are NO TOWING FEES and NO hidden charges. It is that simple!


We will buy any vehicle in any condition for the best possible price. This includes vehicles with salvage or rebuilt titles.