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About Us

We're a New England Car Buying

Junk Cars New England buys vehicles in any condition, such as crashed, broken-down and wrecked cars that are damaged. We make the process easy by picking your car up without any charge to you. We are your solution.

Junk Cars New England is a development of Junk Cars Connecticut, that was established in 2019 as an online car purchaser for the oldest scrap yard in Connecticut. Since the inception of, we’ve made thousands of purchases.  In 2020 motion to expand became needed so, Junk Cars New England was born.

For over 70 years, the Junk Cars New England staff has been buying salvage cars, wrecked cars and even trucks and heavy equipment that have been in collisions. Quite honestly, we love what we done and have a fun time coming into work every morning. We take pride in being local new englanders that are not looking to exploit those who contact us, like these larger junk car companies. We know junk cars like the back of our hands *checks the back of our hands* yup! We know junk cars pretty well!  

The process of junking a car is extremely satisfying. Why? Because every car that is scraped through Junk Cars New England is not thrown in a landfill to pile up and contribute to the growing rate of undisposed garbage, rather we ensure your old car is recycled to be put back into the country somewhere else. 

Whether you would like to offer your car due to mechanical problems, collision, electrical problems or storm damage Junk Cars New England will buy your vehicle. Find out how much your car is worth today.

Always Speak with a Real New Englander

Core Values

Customer Service

Honesty and Transparency

Price & Value

Speed and Efficiency

Speed. Reliability. Safety.

What Do We Offer?


We pick up vehicles for you. When the car is picked up by us there are NO TOWING FEES and NO hidden charges. It is that simple!


We will buy any vehicle in any condition for the best possible price. This includes vehicles with salvage or rebuilt titles.