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Sell My Car in Connecticut​

Our guaranteed offer will make you excited to sell your damaged car. 


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How We Work

Picture it...

Picture yourself answering texts and calls from strangers constantly, then taking time from your precious day to meet up with these buyers simply to go back and forth within your reasonable asking price. Connecticut, we've got something unique for you!

Welcome to It is a quick and clever way to sell that vehicle. Our staff has over 75 combined years of experience in the vehicle business. When you accept our offer, we are at the ready to tow your vehicle at no expense for you in only 24 to 48 hours! If you are prepared to sell your own car the wise way, click below!

Looking to sell your car quick and easy?

Who'll Buy My Automobile?

Connecticut has over 100,000 crashes each year. You need to be certain of your choice to sell your vehicle if your car has been among these accidents. Junk Car  buyers come in various shapes, sizes and types, Deciding on the best one for you is crucial. 

Posting your vehicle in the classifieds means you are going to be receiving texts and calls. You are going to need to take some time from your day to fulfill those buyer’s inquiries. It is a hassle to haggle your asking price down to somewhere that is reasonable to the point it is a deal for both of you.

Scrap yards and junkyards have their ‘cash for cars’ prices. However, these offers are for scrap cars; automobiles which are beyond repair. They do not care if your vehicle has superior choices like sunroof and leather seats. It is just likely to be shredded.

Everyone of these buyers have a single goal in common, and that’s to be certain that they get a sneak on your own dime.

Connecticut, in case you are tired of dealing with those buyers and you are ready to get the most money in your pocket for that scrap car then you have come to the perfect spot.

Junk Cars New England is here to assist you sell your vehicle. We’ve got a collection of buyers who have a great industry understanding. Together with our search engine team, we are ready to make a deal on any make and model. We will provide your payment and pick up the car at no cost in only 24 to 48 hours In the event you agree with our deal.

What Areas Of Connecticut Do We Purchase Vehicles?

All areas! Every corner on Connecticut. Not many junk car buyers buy the car and will come to you. Especially when you’re selling a car in less-than-perfect condition, selling your vehicle in the Constitution State is more difficult than anticipated. 

Junk Cars New England is the best way. Using our interactive pricing engine, we can make a deal on all makes and models that same day. We work to ensure that we are able to pick your vehicle up and provide the payment in just 24 to 48 hours! In addition to that, we could pick the car up from where it’s parked. We can pick it up from your home, place of work, the repair yard, or perhaps a friend’s or family member’s home!

Now, Market your car all the way! Click below to begin.

How Do I Sell My Car Quickly?

Time is money. The longer you continue to hold onto your car you’ll miss out on the highest market value. You need to act in order to acquire the best offer for your car. But regrettably, buyers can make this very tricky. They will make the process long, hoping you take a lower offer.

Junk Cars New England knows exactly what the competition does and we are here to assist you to get you the most money. Contrary to the rest, we are not here to play any haggling games and we are not going to change the deal at last moment. Our price engine is able to give an offer on most makes and models within a single day! We have a team available to assist you to get the car towed for free in only 24 to 48 hours along with the payment delivered! We’ve simplified how to sell your car!

We're Experts

How Does It Work ?

Easy. Fast. Paid.

Give all of the specifics

Start from Submitting your automobile with as much precise information as you can, Most vehicles get an immediate offer and others may need some additional advice so please be patient. Rest assured you will be given a market cash offer.

Accept your offer

Great you have your deal! And you are prepared to move forward and get paid. Simply provide us with some evidence of ownership and be sure to have your title prepared. We are going to assist you in receiving your pick up ready and scheduled.

Get paid!

Once you've ordered a pick up date and time together with the business. You will meet with the driver at your vehicle's place and it's that easy upon pick up the driver will deliver your payment!

Why Sell Your Car to Junk Cars New England?

Selling a car can take up your time up. Do not spend hours with games. Junk Cars New England is here to help you to save time by helping you sell your car the intelligent way. We’ll get you a speedy and effortless offer for the old, damaged, or even junk car. The process is fast and simple – Junk Cars New England will make an offer in minutes. Click here to begin today!

Still, have More Questions ?

As no vehicle is wrecked exactly the same no offer is exactly the same. Our offers are guaranteed excluding individual scenarios and unique instances. Our offers are created off the year of your vehicle, design, and make. And may be impacted from the mileage and circumstances of your vehicle.

Obtaining your offer is simple, just submit your car or truck and you’ll get your offer! If your vehicle fails to obtain an offer do not worry, we aim to please! Let one of our customer support agents know so we can  reach out and make sure that you get the maximum return possible for the automobile!

  • Never hesitate to ask for towing. Any purchaser should supply towing to you
  • Before you get compensated never sign your name
  • Don’t take any offer which was quoted in the past.
  • Never give your vehicle away at no cost! If its junk or scrap it’s some got significance.
Looking to sell your car quick and easy?