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Selling your junk car in Connecticut should be an easy task for anyone. You can sell your car to any junkyards or car buyers around you but no one is faster and has better service than us right here at Junk Cars New England. However, we always encourage you to compare all available options before you decide to sell your car.

In this directory, you will find the top 10 salvage or junkyards for your car, ATV, or motorcycle. Here is the list of junk yards in Connecticut.

The Reasons You Should Choose Us Over These Competitors?

  • You have to call all these yards. You can shoot us a simple text anytime for a real offer! Text us here: 860-400-5576
  • These yards don’t always cover all of Connecticut.
  • All of these yards will offer you less if they have to come pick your junk vehicle up.
  • Our great reviews!

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1. Seymour Auto Wrecking

This salvage yard has more than 70 years of experience in this automotive business and is the oldest in the state! There are some seriously experienced and professional staff members there who are ready to evaluate your car’s condition, so they can give a good estimated value for your car. You can also buy used auto parts form their parts department.

2. Terryville Auto Parts

This junk yard is located in the city of Terryville, Connecticut. They have buyers who purchase second-hand parts or used cars every day. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Visit this place now for getting your junk car estimated for its value. All parts of your car will be valued at a high price based on their condition.

3. Milford Auto Recycling Co

If you live in Milford, Connecticut, you can visit this Milford Auto Recycling Co for scrapping your old vehicle. They are ready to pay you for any old or junk cars you may have. They have many customers who will be ready to buy any vehicle parts. They are available every day for serving you as their clients.

4. AI Auto Parts JunkYard

This junkyard is located in the area of Bridgeport, Connecticut. This junkyard is available for all clients from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. They are a popular choice for people in the Fairfield County area.

5. Chuck and Eddies

Chuck and Eddie’s salvage yard is one of the most popular junk yards in Connecticut. It has some branches that are located in Connecticut, for example in Plantsville, New Haven, and Hartford.

6. East Coast Auto Salvage, Inc

East Coast Auto Salvage, Inc. can cover any areas that are available throughout the southern part of Connecticut. They are located in Higganum, Connecticut.

7. Elm City Auto Wrecking Junk Yard

This is another popular junkyard that is available in Connecticut. They are located in New Haven, Connecticut. They can serve all areas around Connecticut state. They are available from Monday to Saturday. They offer competitive pricing for all of their clients.

8. Alberts Used Auto Parts Junk Yard

This car wrecking yard is located in the city of Thomaston, Connecticut. They open opportunities for their clients who want to sell any wrecked or junk cars to them. Once you call them, they will send their staff members to pick up your car.

9. Ding’s Auto Sales and Scrap Yard

This salvage yard is located in Litchfield, CT. They receive any car models and any old scrap parts from your vehicles. They have more than 60 years of experience in this industry. Ding’s Auto Parts is also a member of the United Recyclers Group or URG, automotive recyclers association or ARA.

10. Arite Used Auto Parts

If you want to sell any old car or junk parts of your vehicle, you can contact Arite Used Auto Parts today. They are located in New Britain, Connecticut. They offer a fast car removal service for you who want to remove your unwanted truck, car, or other heavy equipment. Their towing service will be available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

While we always support local businesses, Junk Cars New England is also based right here in Connecticut and for the reasons at the top of this article we know we will offer you the highest amount. Reach out to us anytime or fill out our fast form here!