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The Nissan Altima offers the best and most advanced technology from Nissan. It is convenient to drive this Nissan Altima in any environment, at any time you want. If you are looking for a safe vehicle for yourself, you can take a look and consider driving this car. This vehicle receives several safety and performance awards from IIHS, Wardsauto, AutoPacific, Autotrader, Automobile, etc. Many people are driving this vehicle worldwide because they are impressed with all the great features of this vehicle. This vehicle is also available in several versions and colors, so you can choose the best one that is suitable for your own needs.

Nissan Altima Black

Car Specs

Nissan Altima uses the latest technology from the Nissan company. Unlock the joy of driving with this car. It comes with driver assistance and the advanced all-wheel-drive system. The Nissan Intelligent Mobility is good for helping you move around the road with this vehicle. This car also has the world’s first Variable Compression Turbo engine with shapeshifting pistons for offering efficiency and power on demand. Its suspension and steering ability can make your driving experience special.

The Altima has plenty of room in its spacious interior, so you can have flexible space in this car. When you are inside this car, you can also enjoy its advanced technology. You can connect with some of your compatible devices, such as Android or Apple devices. There are some advanced features that you can find inside this car. This Nissan Altima vehicle has an impressive 32 miles per gallon on the Altima FWD and also 30 MPG on the Altima AWD.

History of This Vehicle

One of the most popular periods of the Nissan Altima was started in 2002. This was the time when the Altima was restyled and equipped heavily with some new power units and trim levels. The Nissan Altima had the best interior volume which was beyond anyone’s expectations. Because of this feature, Nissan Altima became the most spacious Japanese car in its class. This version used the 240 HP V6 gasoline engine for supporting its performance.

The Nissan Altima went to a series of modifications for improving the overall quality of this car. The next version of this Nissan Altima was the 2007 Altima. This model had a raked front fascia and a sleek roofline design. Its bold stance and curvy lines improved the overall look of this vehicle. On the inside part of this model, the Altima was equipped with some advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, keyless entry, velour cloth seating, and also push-buttons tart. The 2007 Altima had a 2.5 L 6-speed manual engine.

The production of Nissan Altima was continued to the next few years. Nissan introduced the next Altima Coupe for its customers. This is a down-sized version of the regular sedan with a shorter wheelbase, height, and also length than the previous models. This car had both 2.5 L and 3L V6 engines that can deliver up to 175 or 270 HP.

In 2012, Nissan introduced the 2-door Altima Coupe. It had a high-quality and high-value performance with aggressive coupe styling design. This car was very well-known for its unique exterior design which was able to stand out in the crowd. The combination of Front Wheel Drive transmission and ventilated front brake discs and solid brake discs can make you feel convenient when using this car.

How Common It Is

Nissan Altima is one of the most popular mid-size cars on the market today. This car can compete with some other models, such as Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy, etc. The production of this Nissan Altima is continued to reach the next level. Nissan offers a semi-autonomous driving option with its Nissan ProPilot Assistance System.

Value of the Car as Junk

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When you are ready to sell your old Nissan Altima, you can always take a look at the average value of this car as junk. Different buyers may have their own price ranges. The average range of this car as junk is about $200 – $700. Many factors are affecting the total price you are going to get for selling this car. You can get the highest offer possible from us here at Junk Cars New England. Our company is ready to buy your old or junk Nissan Altima at any time you want. Contact us for knowing the estimated price for your old car.