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Carvana is one of the most popular car selling platforms on the Internet today. Many people are interested in selling their cars via Carvana because it is simple and they have tons of ads. First, you share some of your vehicle details on their website. You are then going to get a real offer for your vehicles in minutes. All procedures can be done online.

Carvana makes it sound super easy to sell your car online but is it all its hyped up to be? Here are some pros and cons about this platform that you need to know.

Carvana Car Vending Machine

Pros of Carvana

Flexible payment

Many people love selling their vehicles to Carvana because of this reason. This company offers fast and secure payment for all clients. You can get your money by direct deposit or check. Before you receive your payment, you need to check the quote that is offered by Carvana. Once you approve the price for your car, you can simply proceed to the next step which is selling your car.

Easy and safe pickup procedure

This is another reason why Carvana is popular among many people. It offers a flexible and safe pickup procedure for any vehicle. Once you approve the price offered by this company, you are going to arrange a schedule for your vehicle to be picked up. Carvana will send some professional experts to your place, so they can pick up your vehicle safely. You are going to receive the money for selling your vehicle immediately.

Quick verification process

When you are planning to get money by selling your car to Carvana, you don’t have to spend a lot of your time. This company has a quick verification process for all customers. There are some team members who will verify the key details about the vehicle, loan information, lease details, and also the ownership details. All verification procedures can be done in a few days. You don’t have to wait for too long when you want to sell your car.

Trade-in option

This is another option that you have from Carvana. You are allowed to trade in your vehicle, especially if you want to buy another car in the future. You can apply the trade-in value to eliminate the down payment or reduce the total cost of your next car immediately. Carvana can also give you instant trade-in tax savings that can be applied in most states. You are able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when selling a car to Carvana.

You can read more about their processes here.

Cons of Carvana

Cannot sell junk cars

This is the drawback from Carvana. You are only allowed to sell a functional car to Carvana. They cannot buy your junk car because they are not licensed as the junk car buyer in the United States. If you are planning to sell your junk car, you may want to consider selling it to other companies who are licensed to work as junk car buyers in your area. You need to choose licensed car buyers, so you can avoid getting any problems in the future.

Contact us for selling your junk car

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Our company has a lot of expertise and experience in this industry. We know how to handle any junk cars safely. Our company is also licensed to buy any junk cars in Connecticut. Once you agree with our offer, our experts will come to your place to pick up your car without any additional costs. Selling your junk car to us can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!