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Mercedes-Benz is a famous car brand that has a lot a ton of drivers on the road today. Some common models from this brand, including, C, E, S, ML, CLK, SLK, GL, CLS, and also G class. Each class has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are one of the millions of Mercedes owners, continue reading.

We are going to discuss some common Mercedes breakdowns or issues that may occur in your car. Some of these problems are major, while some other issues can be considered as minor problems. As a Mercedes car owner, you may want to take a look at all possible issues that may occur in your car. If your Mercedes-Benz is ready to be junked you can always call us at Junk Cars New England.

Mercedes-Benz Breakdowns - Junk Cars New England

1. Rust

One of the biggest challenges of the Mercedes-Benz cars is rust. Many old Mercedes-Benz cars have more than 1 million miles with perfect performance, but they have rusty floors. In some cases, you can see the ground when you sit on the driver seat. Many new Mercedes models still have this rust problem as they age. You can use your flashlight and inspect your car thoroughly. You can look under the wheel wells around the bumper area. Another common area that has a rust problem is the license plate area of your car. Once rust develops on your car, it will take a lot of your money to repair it.

2. Failure on the engine mounts

The engine mounts on the Mercedes-Benz cars are usually filled with oil. The main purpose of this procedure is to keep the main engine stable. This oil will also prevent the engine vibrations from entering the cabin area. When the mileage reaches about 100,000 miles, some engine mounts start to be broken down and lose oil. This situation is noticeable. You are going to feel an excessive vibration on the seat, steering wheel, and cabin area when the engine mounts fail to work properly. Replacing engine mounts can take about 6 – 8 hours of your time or thousands at a shop.

3. Broken suspension and steering system

When you look under the hood of your Mercedes, you are going to find some important parts of your car, for example, sway bar link, ball joints, control arm bushings, etc. They play important role in supporting the steering and suspension system in your car. When these parts are broken, you may have some suspension issues. These parts are going to tear down after the car reaches more than 100,000 miles. Any issues with both suspension and steering systems can reduce the overall comfortable experience of all users of Mercedes cars.

4. Damaged catalytic converters

Many Mercedes car owners claim that they have broken catalytic converters, especially after they reach about 60,000 miles. The catalytic converters can be less effective when they are clogged with any unwanted materials. When these parts are getting worse, you are going to notice some other problems, such as hesitation, misfire, and also some performance issues. Replacing these catalytic converters can cause you a lot of your valuable money. Depending on your car models, you may get expensive converters which can be more than $4,000.

5. Issues with the transmission system

Its 5-speed automatic transmission is specially created with the best performance and functionality. However, some Mercedes have problems with the transmission. This system may have some problems with the 13-pin connector and also the valve body from its transmission system. Both parts of this system can cause bad performance from your Mercedes car, especially when they are not replaced immediately. The good thing about this problem is that these parts are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, you can save a lot of your money when you have any of these issues.

6. Certain problems with the window regulators

Some Mercedes car owners claim that they have certain problems with the window regulators. The regulators may do a lot of hard work, especially when you press the window button to open or close the window. It can be a common problem in many cars from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, and BMW. These window regulators of the Mercedes-Benz may cost about $350 – $500 depending on your car models. It is very easy for you to replace these regulators when they are broken due to any reasons.

No matter what your issue is, when you are ready to sell your car to a junk yard, Junk Cars New England is here to help.