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When you plan to sell your car to a junk or scrap yard, you should check to make sure your car has certain parts. The operator may ask if these parts are still intact on your junk vehicle so it would make for the quickest phone call to know about these parts before you call. If you don’t have these parts you will be offered significantly less money for your junk car. If you are not one to play around under the hood and use your car more as a radio with 4 wheels, there isn’t much reason to check for these parts as they will all be there except for special circumstances. Thanks for reading the JCNE blog!

Valuable Car Parts Junk Cars New England

1. GPS System

This is one of the most expensive parts of your junk car. If your car has a built-in GPS, you will get a much higher offer from our exert scrap car agents. These GPS systems has high value, so the junk yard can sell it back to car manufactures or GPS companies. An intact GPS may be valued for a few hundred dollars. It can add a significant amount of cash to your pocket.

2. Exhaust system

The average cost of the regular exhaust system (including the catalytic converter) is around $500 to $1,000. This system is responsible for controlling the engine noise and also reducing the fumes released to the air. There are some expensive metal parts of this exhaust system that can add value to your junk car. This exhaust system still has good value on the market and junk yards have a wide network of buyers that not just anyone can tap into with ease.

3. Car doors, windows, and other electrical components

Not many people know the average cost of these parts on your scrap car. Used car parts, such as windows, mirrors, doors, and other related electrical components (such as, lock and unlock buttons) are always popular among shops and garages. Scrapyards are able to make a decent return when selling the doors, windows, mirrors, and any of these parts separately. Because they get cars in bulk there is more value to these buyers to deal with bigger customers over individuals with 1 car.

4. Airbag system

Do you know that your unused airbag can give you a few extra dollars from your junk car? The Airbag system is an important part of your car that can provide safety for all drivers or car users. If your airbags have never been deployed, you could be offered some extra cash from your junk car. Many companies buy back affordable unused airbag systems for their vehicles.

5. Tires and Rims

This is another important part of your junk car that has high demand in the junk industry. If you still have tires and rims that are still in good condition, you can turn them into cash immediately. Aluminum, chrome, and alloy rims can become hot commodities for many shops and car enthusiasts. Often, these parts are sold to automotive communities or forums that are available on the internet these days.

6. Truck hatch

This part may be small in size, but it has a huge value on it. You will be able to resell this part for a few hundred dollars. The price will depend on the model and brand of your vehicle. Many people are looking for the best-used truck hatch for their vehicles. Standard tailgates are popular among many people today.

Taking an inventory of all these parts on your vehicle can help you earn additional income from your junk car. You will be able to get a few hundred dollars extra for selling any complete car. Junk Cars New England is here to buy your vehicle today!